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HighStreet 5 Game Guide
How to Play
3-Step Guide for HighStreet 5 Beginners
The control of HighStreet 5 is simple and easy, involving only the 4 direction keys and the space bar on the keyboard.

Step 1 Know Which Direction Keys to Press
The dance moves your character is about to pull off are represented by a sequence of direction arrows in blue circles at the bottom of the screen. Press the corresponding direction keys on the keyboard and you will see them all turn into GREEN if done correctly.

Step 2 Know When to Hit the Space Bar
If done swiftly, by the time you have entered the complete key sequence, the rhythm ball has not yet slid into the flashing zone of the bar (the area boxed in red in the screenshot below).

Step 3 Hit the Space Bar to Score

Hit the Space Bar when the ball slides right into the center of the flashing zone to score; the timing of your hit determines how your moves are rated – whether they are rated ‘Perfect’, ‘Good’, ‘Cool’ or ‘Bad’. Of course, if you hit when the ball is far away from the flashing zone, your moves will be rated as a ‘Miss’.

Your dance is evaluated according to when you hit the space bar in relation to the proximity of the rhythm ball to the center of the flashing zone.


Play the Demo
Click through the link above to watch the demonstration of the aforementioned game control for the basic 4-key dance.

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