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Super Fun Hide-n-Seek【NewYearCarnivalVersion】
Date : 2016-1-20   Author: HS5 PF

Dear HighStreet 5 Players,


Have great fun in HS5’s new game! The Hide-and-Seek game is not only super fun to play, but also earns you a great array of exclusive items and titles! Enjoy!


Venue: The Hide-and-Seek game is to take place on the City Map (The Sea excluded) in Fantasy


Date: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


Registration: 18:30 – 19:00

Game: 19:05 – 19:30




1.        Click on the icon on the right 20160120153701.jpg to get teleported to the NPC or go straight to the Big Shifter NPC in the City Map for registration;


2.        The event will be closed if fewer than 10 players register for the event.



The Hidden vs The Seeker

1.     When the game starts, the system will allocate a certain percentage of the participants into the Seeker group while leave the rest to the Hidden group.

2.     The Hidden

l   The Hidden has 5 minutes (19:00 -19:0/5) to get ready to Shape-shift into their selected objects.


l   They need to click on the ‘Shapeshift’ button to display the menu, and then click on the image of an object to Shapeshift into that object.


l   Upon Shapeshirting into an object, they CANNOT move or interact with one another.


l   They can click on the ‘Undo’ button to Shapeshift back to their human form and move to another spot to Shapeshift.


l   When the 5-minute preparation time is up, those who remain in human form in the Hidden group will be turned into random objects by the system.

l   A Hidden player will be considered dropping out of the game if s(he) switches maps or gets disconnected; when s(he) returns to the City Map or gets reconnected, s(he) will no longer be considered as a participant of the Hide-and-Seek participant.

3.     The Seeker: The Seeker is free to move around during the 5-minute preparation time for The Hidden; a Seeker can even tail a participant s(he) suspects to be a Hidden during the 5-minute time.



How To Play

1.     The game starts at 19:05; a count-down timer will display on the game screen;


2.     When a Seeker identifies a target, s(he) needs to left-click on the target; If the target is truly a Hidden player, a ‘yellow triangle’ will display above the avatar and the Seeker needs to press the ‘Space Bar’ to capture the Hidden player. (Note: It takes 10 seconds for the Space Bar to cool down.) The located Hidden player will then turn into his (her) human form.


3.     The located Hidden player will join other Seekers to look for the remaining Hidden players.

4.     The Seeker will receive some Shifter Pts for a successful capture. If the target is wrongfully identified, the Seeker will receive no Shifter Pts.



When the Game Ends

1.     The game ends at 19:30; it will end earlier when ALL Hidden players are located.

2.     The Hidden players who are not located during the game time will turn into their human forms upon end of the game.

3.     The Shifter Pts one receives can be viewed in the system alert.



Shifter Pts

1.     Participants of Hide-and-Seek receive Shifter Pts, whether they are the Seekers or the Hidden players:

A.     The Seeker: Each Hidden player located gains the Seeker Shifter Pts;


B.     The Hidden: Each minute a Hidden player remains hidden gains the Hidden player Shifter Pts.


2.     Participants can exchange for exclusive items and rewards with their Shifter Pts from the Big Shifter NPC in the City Map:


A.     The Seeker’s Tools

Visibility Card (5 Shifter Pts): Use it to locate all hidden players in a radius of 6 metres.

BB Radar (10 Shifter Pts): Use it to locate all hidden players in a radius of 3 metres in 10 seconds.


B.    The Hidden’s Tools

Invisibility Card (5 Shifter Pts): Use it to make yourself invisible for 30 seconds.

Shapeshifter Card (10 Shifter Pts): Undo your object form for 30 seconds, when you can look for another location to transform.

(IMPORTANT: The Hidden player will be considered dropping out of the Hide-and-Seek game if (1) s(he) is at the Sea when the Shapeshifter Card expires; (2) exits the City Map.)

3.     There are two categories of objects whose images the Hidden players can Shaftshift into; the regular objects are free to use and the rare type which the players need to pay with Shifter Pts to be eligible to assume their images.  

4.     Shifter Pts can be used to exchange for a series exclusive titles as follows:





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