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Dolly the Sheep Gifts for You!【Jan29-Feb29】
Date : 2016-1-27   Author: HS5 PF

Dear HighStreet 5 Players,


Happy 2016 & Happy Chinese New Year!


Date: 29th Jan – 29th Feb



1.     You'll receive Dolly the Sheep Gift Pack*1 upon your login! You'll find in the Gift Pack the following item:



2.     Players who have not logged into the game for 15 days will receive Dolly the Sheep Welcome-Back Gift Pack*1, where one find in the Gift Pack the following item:



3.     Limit to one gift pack per player.

4.     You can exchange for a wide array of gifts with the Dolly the Sheep Voucher from the event NPC.

5.     Your unused Sunny Yellow Duckling Gift Voucher will be exchanged into Dolly the Sheep Voucher at the ratio of 2:1.




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