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Clothes, Accessories and Other Virtual Goods for HighStreet 5
Name: Thick citrine glasses (F)
Day: Forever
Price: 25Points
Persian Cat type eyes

Gamers that purchased this item also bought
Name: Smooth back lighting (F)
Price: 131
Day: Forever
Name: Spotted Concpet Glasses (F)
Price: 59
Day: Forever
Name: Trend-defining curved-frame glasses (White) (F)
Price: 416
Day: Forever
Name: Arale Frame (F)
Price: 500
Day: Forever

Be unique, less than 5% of HS 5 gamers are wearing these:
Name: A dark queen (F)
Price: 950
Day: Forever
Name: Holiday Scratch Card
Price: 200
Day: Forever
Name: White Colored Hair
Price: 350
Day: Forever
Name: All star long-sleeved T-shirt (M)
Price: 937
Day: Forever


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