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Frequently Answered Questions

1. How can we request a song?
Find a DJ in any dancehall, click him/her to talk and then choose request a song. It will cost you 5000 score. You may also type in your dedication message there.

2. Is it possible to see the experience screen outside the room of the character?
No, experience details are unavailable in this game.

3. How to use Webcam?
First of all, install a webcam in your computer. Then choose a player you would like to video chat and right click the avatar to select video request option. If the other one accept your request then you two can see each other. (Provided that the other one has webcam as well)

4. How can I gain scores?
You gain scores through dancing in the game. The better you dance to a song, the higher yours scores. Therefore, the more you dance to hone your skills, the better the chance you stand to score high!

5. What can I do with Cash Points?
You can buy clothing, accessories and items excluded from scores payment with Cash Points. With Cash Points, your choices are much more expanded and the merchandise is more exclusive in functionally and aesthetics!

6. How can I get Cash Points?
Via Paypal: You can top-up your account online after you have logged into your member account on the official website.

Via cash points card: You can HS5 Top-up Cards from the official outlets and login to your member account on website to top-up your account.

7. how to make Screenshots in game?
On your keyboard, there is a button that reads "Prt Sc". That's the Print Screen button. You can find them in:
Drive that you saved the game - HighStreet5 - 5Street – Snapshots

8. I wonder if I could download highstreet5 to my mac ( apple) pc? Does it support mac?
We are sorry to inform you that those who use mc pc can not play HS5 currently.

9. can u actually buy Malaysia cash from sg outlets?
Malaysia cash points are not available for sale in SG outlets.

10. I would like to delete my highstreet5 acct. How do i go about doing so?
Sorry to tell you that you can not delete you ID.

11. how can i leave family (guild)?
Right click on your avatar on the upper left of the screen in-game., choose "leave the family" option.

13. how to get the wings?
Players will get wings automatically when 25 Fallen feathers have been collected. The feathers will be found randomly in Jumbo Treasure Box.

14. How to create HS5 blog/space?
We are sorry to inform you Space are not available at the moment, please keep an eye on our latest announcement. But there is a HS Friends ( a community for players in HS5 that has blogging as a feature!

15. I would like to change my personal information as it is wrong.
Please email us what you want to change and your account to ( or, email only one address respective to your server)

16. I've seen it in battle dances, a red arrow. When I push the direction it shows though it responds like I pushed the wrong direction. What's up with the Red arrows?
The red arrow means players have to push the reverse direction of the red arrow.

17. How to install client with a DVD?

  1. Insert the installation DVD into your PC. The installation program will run to call out the ‘installation interface’; however, if the program does not run automatically, then locate the ‘autorun.exe’ file at the DVD drive and double-click on it to run the program..

2. Click on ‘HighStreet 5 Installation Wizard’ to enter the game installation interface.

3. Click on the ‘Next’ button to enter the ‘License Agreement’ page, read and then check the box ‘I accept the agreement’.

4. State where you would like to install the game client, and then click on ‘Next’.

5. Click on ‘Install’ to start installing the game.

6. Click on ‘Finish’ to complete installation.

18.System Requirement for installing HighStreet 5

Basic System Requirements:

Recommended system:

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista

Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista


Intel Pentium 3   800M CPU

Intel Pentium 4   2.0G CPU




Hard Disc

3G of available space

3G of available space

Graphics Card        

64MB RAM graphics card with the same capacity

GF 5700 or graphics card (128MB RAM) with the same capacity

DirectX version

DirectX 9.0

DirectX 9.0

19. Function Keys in the game



View status card


Check in-game mailbox


Save chat log


Socialize/Interact with other players


Re-login/ Quit/ Change game setting


Reply to private chat


Select dance modes


Select songs


Quick chat hotkeys


Stunt hotkeys


Item hotkeys


Switch chat channels


Save screenshots





/a 1


/a 2


/a 3


/a 4


/a 6


/a 7


/a 8

Warm up

/a 9

Tie shoelaces

/a 10


/a 11


/a 12


/a 13


/a 14


/a 15


/a 16


/a 17


/a 18


/a 19

Tidy up

/a 20


/a 21

Blow a kiss

/a 22


/a 23


/a 24


/a 25


/a 26


/a 27


/a 28

20. having trouble whenever i log in my account? It says ACCT IS ALREADY LOG IN SOMEWHERE ELSE.
First try to log back into the Line that you were playing on prior to being disconnected. If the original line is down, (the one you were logged onto when the crash occurred) and you are receiving the error logging into another line, patiently wait for the original line to come back online. Once it is up, and this does not solve the problem, contact a GM via live help on the homepage.

21. Problem with image verification is not correct!' While registering an account.
This problem occurs when you revise any information during account registration. Every time the information on the page changes, it will show you another totally different image verification number. Make sure type in the fresh one and then this error won’t happen again.?

22. what is the maximum level in this game?
Maximum level for hs5 avatar is level 100.

23. The solution to solve white screen
Suggestion one::
Right click on desk,--choose attribute option,--click setting->click advanced->monitor-->drop off the tick before “hiding invisible mode by this monitor” (Notes: resolution must be setting upon 1024×768。
Suggestion Two: (if suggest one does not work)
Windows XP—choose setting in attribute->advanced->Monitor>attribute ->drive program->change drive program to “Super VGA 1024×768”or other drive.

24. Some situations may resulted in black screen.
1. The resolution has not setting as 32
2. DirectX’ version has not come to version9.0(Resolution:download from website)
3. Graphics card or low version for graphics card drive(Resolution:change graphics card? and? update graphics card drive)

25. Create a new partition for vista user
If your operating system is Vista, please do not install HS5 client under drive C but under drive D or E. If you don’t have drive D or E, here is how to make a new partition under vista system.
To start Disk Management:
1. Log on as administrator or as a member of the Administrators group.
2. Click Start, click Run, type compmgmt.msc, and then click OK.
3. In the console tree, click Disk Management. The Disk Management window appears. Your disks and volumes appear in a graphical view and list view. To customize how you view your disks and volumes in the upper and lower panes of the window, point to Top or Bottom on the View menu, and then click the view that you want to use.

How to create a new partition or a new logical drive
To create a new partition or logical drive on a basic disk:

1. In the Disk Management window, complete one of the following procedures, and then continue to step 2:
To create a new partition, right-click unallocated space on the basic disk where you want to create the partition, and then click New Partition.
To create a new logical drive in an extended partition, right-click free space on an extended partition where you want to create the logical drive, and then click New Logical Drive.
2. In the New Partition Wizard, click Next.
3. Click the type of partition that you want to create (either Primary partition, Extended partition, or Logical drive), and then click Next.
4. Specify the size of the partition in the Partition size in MB box, and then click Next.
5. Decide whether to manually assign a drive letter, let the system automatically enumerate the drive, or do not assign a drive letter to the new partition or logical drive, and then click Next.
6. Specify the formatting options you want to use by using one of the following procedures:
If you do not want to format the partition, click Do not format this partition, and then click Next. 
If you want to format the partition, click Format this partition with the following settings, and then complete the following procedure in the Format dialog box:
a. Type a name for the volume in the Volume label box. This is an optional step.
b. Click the file system that you want to use in the File system box.
You can change the disk allocation unit size, and then specify whether to perform a quick format, or enable file and folder compression on NTFS volumes.
Click Next. 
7. Confirm that the options that selected are correct, and then click Finish.

26. I've downloaded manually already and installed it, everything goes smoothly as described when using the manual patch. The game starts and everything and I get to play. but if I close it and start HS5 from my Start Menu, it reverts back to v0.21 and starts auto-updating. I have to run the manual patch again if I want to play.

Solution: This problem may occur in the Windows Vista system for any folder saved in 'C:\Program Files\' and may in turn lead to problems in installation, update and subsequent game operation. Please take the following steps to fix the problem:

1. If you have installed HighStreet 5 and the folder is located at 'C:\Program Files\HighStreet 5\', you only need to move the HighStreet 5 folder to another location or drive like 'C:\ HighStreet 5\' or 'D:\ HighStreet 5\'. Please note that the above operation can only be carried out by the Administrator. If you are going to manually update after moving the HighStreet 5 folder, you will need to indicate the new folder location to the update program.

2. If you have not installed the HighStreet 5 game client, please DO NOT install the program in 'C:\Program Files\'. Please install in any other location for example: "C:\HighStreet 5\', 'D:\HighStreet 5\'.

27How can I protect my account?
Please refer to
(Note, the links contained in the document lead to the Malaysia version, the content however is still applicable to the vast majority of online games)

28. How to kill Lag?
Please refer to /news/NewsDetail-282.html

29. Lost item retrieval & account security.
Please refer to /news/NewsDetail-540.html


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